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Children Are Capable and Can be Trusted

Children’s own curiosity will drive learning. When supported and partnered with by teachers, their own ideas about learning will emerge. When supported in an environment in which they are respected, children will construct new ideas deeper than those that the teacher has considered. It is the role of the teacher to sit beside children and listen to what they have to say. It is also the role of the teacher to allow children to assume responsibilities for their own care and well-being. This requires that children be allowed to take cognitive, emotional, and physical risks .” 

 Dr Stephanie Sanders-Smith, 
Yew Chung – Bernard Spodek Scholar in Early Childhood Education; 
College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Yew Chung ECE Approach views children as capable and competent, meaning that a child is seen as a complete human being with character, preferences, culture, context, knowledge, skills, interests and talents – it does not adopt the view that a child is a ‘clean slate’ with the need for ‘input’ and ‘training’ to be a desirable person.

Yew Chung ECE Approach requires educational leaders and educators to adopt the professional disposition and perspective of trust towards each and every child, characterized by ‘in-tune’ and ‘responsive’ pedagogy, and role-modelling for parents, caregivers, and young learners, to let them know they are capable and can be trusted.


At YCIS, our bilingually focused, research-based, and holistic approach to education helps our students build a strong foundation and range of skills from an early age. 

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