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Unleash Your Child’s Creativity with Grocery Items

Take your child to grocery shopping at home now! 🛒 YCIS Educator, Mandy Graham, is turning ordinary veggies🌽🥒 to amazing art materials.🎨 Let’s explore the textures, smells and sounds of...

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Linking 'Learning-through-Play' to Optimal Brain Development

 “Children’s brains grow more rapidly from birth to age 3. Sensory plays, role plays, and social interactions build and activate neurons of brains as well as strengthen neural pathways. “

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Unlock Your Child’s Mathematics Power with Simple Toys

Spare a minute to gather simple toys and unlock your child’s learning potential! 📖  YCIS Educator, Mandy Graham, is sharing with us how to develop mathematical awareness at home easily. Let’s try...

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YCIS Emergent Curriculum

By Angela Kotze, SEN Head Teacher (ECE)

YCIS Educator, Angela Kotze, explains the benefits of our Emergent Curriculum at the SCMP Kindergarten Festival. 

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Stimulate Early Childhood Learning with Toy Blocks

Have you ever played with Legos in the dark? 🌌  YCIS Educator, Mandy Graham, suggests this could benefit children’s developments in fine motor skill and language. The light experiment brings a...

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What Are the Advantages of Studying Abroad?

Nick Strong, Regional Coordinator for University Guidance at YCEF, shares some of the advantages of studying abroad.

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Benefits of Free Reading

We asked YCIS Educator, Max Clark, what are the benefits of free voluntary reading, and how can we motivate our children to do more of it? Enjoy the video :)

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How to Set Boundaries with Your Child

YCIS Educator, Kate McAlister explains how to set boundaries with your child.

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How to stop toddlers fighting

YCIS Educator, Kate McAlister shares 5 tips on how to stop your children fighting.

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