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Strong Relationships Must Be Developed Between Teachers and Children

It is important for both teachers in the classroom to have strong relationships with all children. Children may initially be drawn to the teacher in the classroom that speaks their home language. However, teachers intentionally build relationships that are not dictated by children’s home language and/or the language of the teacher. Children will then move between the two teachers depending on interests and activities or on individual teachers’ dispositions .”

 Dr Stephanie Sanders-Smith, 
Yew Chung – Bernard Spodek Scholar in Early Childhood Education; 
College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Yew Chung ECE Approach is underpinned by responsive and reflective pedagogy. This is seen in the use of reflective, evidence-based planning for both the larger group of learners, as well as for the individual learner needs and development. Teaching practices that use “in-tune” relationship and rapport (trust) building with young learners exemplifies the Yew Chung value “strong relationships must be developed between teachers and children”.

Value 4 requires educators to ensure recognition, support, and provision for individual children. This is achieved through documenting and assessing each child as a unique learner, celebrating his achievements and growth. Recognizing, supporting and providing for individual children cannot be fully accomplished without the partnership of the family; thus, to aspire to Yew Chung value 4, leaders and educators need to form quality connections with families where they have role models and partners in quality education for each and every child.


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