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Children Initiate and Lead Activities

“Children are the architects of their own learning. They enter into activities because they are interested in them and seek knowledge to help them learn more about a task they wish to complete or a concept they have discovered. Teachers provide materials so that children can experiment with ideas and support as a more knowledgeable other.”

Dr Stephanie Sanders-Smith, 
Yew Chung – Bernard Spodek Scholar in Early Childhood Education; 
College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Value 8, “children initiate and lead activities” is possible when Value 7, “teachers and children construct learning together” is practiced. When Values 1 and 2 (children are respected and trusted) are embedded in daily pedagogy within the learning environments, children will be provided and supported in their ownership of their learning journeys. The Yew Chung ECE Approach values are connected, integrated and require teachers to develop the necessary relational, intellectual, and physical dispositions, skills, and knowledge to truly be a quality Yew Chung Educator.




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