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Teachers Support Relationships Between Children

Children learn from their own experiences and explorations. This learning is supported by their relationships and interactions with other children. Together, children may share ideas, debate, mimic each other, and problem solve .”

 Dr Stephanie Sanders-Smith, 
Yew Chung – Bernard Spodek Scholar in Early Childhood Education; 
College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Yew Chung ECE Approach supports each learner’s optimal personal development, where he has the freedom to explore and develop his unique identity, as well as 21st Century skills such as confidence; problem-solving and critical thinking skills; creativity; ability to adapt and be flexible; communicative; collaborative etc. Many of these dispositions and skills for young learners are developed through daily experiences and interactions with the social world around them – Yew Chung Educators provide adequate time and opportunity for children to interact, connect and form relationships with each other as it is essential for optimal personal development. 

“Teachers support relationships between children” as a quality early childhood teaching practice for the pro-social development of young learners. Yew Chung ECE Approach intentionally aids the development of an identity in young learners as responsible and contributive members of society; in order to achieve this, it requires Yew Chung Educators to facilitate, role-model and support relationship building in the learning environments. Underpinning Value 5 is the establishment of a positive learning community, where young learners are able to flourish and gain a sense of belonging.

An important disposition of pro-social development is Empathy. For the realization of Value 5, teachers will need to establish, role-model and support an emotional, behavioural and cognitive learning environment of Empathy.

At YCIS, our bilingually focused, research-based, and holistic approach to education helps our students build a strong foundation and range of skills from an early age. 

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