YCIS Spring Concert 2021 - Latino Fiesta




To celebrate the centenary of Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla, (1921- 1992), YCIS Hong Kong presents an online concert featuring the music of Latin America

Students from both primary and secondary schools collaborate and perform music by the great composer, alongside Latino dance, drama, poetry and a colourful range of vocal and instrumental ensembles. You will see many colourful styles featured, evoking the world of 'Fiesta'

Jeremy Williams, Music Director YCIS YWIES



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YCIS Spring Concert

'Samba De Primavera' by YCIS HK Lower Secondary Students

Transporting you to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, YCIS Drumline performs a carnival-inspired piece on traditional Brazilian bateria instruments. The performance features a range of catchy samba rhythms alongside a fierce improvisation. The ensemble raise their voices together in a call of 'hey!' depicting the 'paradinhas' (little stops)
Spring Concert

'Festa Cubana' by Karel Van Steenhoven

A Cuban Jazz-based rhythmic melodic dance in this piano arrangement for four hands. It was written in 2012 in the Latin style
Spring Concert

'The Rake' by Jacob Szekely

A funk style improvisation for Cello and Drums that originated from a set of progressive cello etudes
Spring Concert

'If You Forget Me' with guitar accompaniment to the song 'Senhorniha' by Guinga

Exploring poetry by Pablo Naruda, the students created a short tableau piece based on their personal interpretations of his poem 'If You Forget Me'. They use physicality and expressive gestures to represent emotions. This connects the audience to Pablo Naruda’s beautifully written words
Spring Concert

'Tico Tico' by Zequinha de Abreu

Written in 1917 by the Brazilian composer, 'Tico Tico' is a nickname for the rufous-collared sparrow in Portuguese. This music is arranged for 6 violins
Spring Concert

'The girl from Ipanema' by Atônio Carlos Jobim and De Moraes Vinicius

'The girl from Ipanema' is a very famous Brazilian song. It became a sensational hit through the recording made by the composer with the legendary singer Frank Sinatra 
Spring Concert

'Espana Cani' by Pascual Marquina Narro

Originated from the Spanish Gypsy instrumental piece of Paso Doble, this song is widely used for Latin Dance
Spring Concert

'El Choclo' by Ángel Villoldo (arr. Perez Kwong)

Violinists from YCIS year 2 to 8 perform one of the most popular tangos from Argentina - El Choclo 'The Corn Cob'. Written in 1903, it was premiered at a restaurant in Buenos Aires
Spring Concert

'El galan Incognito' by Carmen Prietto and Bert Weedon

This folk song depicts a person passing through the crowded street one evening whilst playing his guitar. He sings to the rain and the sound of the music falls like tears
Spring Concert

'Tango' by Alan Wong, Thomas Wong, Kit Mak and Elizabeth Sham

This special piece was composed by the performers who were inspired by the Argentinian Tango. It conveys an intense melancholic mood, imitating the ornamented bandoneon melody. Rhythmic interest is created by adding grace notes and contrasting dynamics and articulations. The performers wish to share their music across the world and promote the cultures and traditions of Latin America
Spring Concert

'La Isla Bonita' by Madonna and Patrick Leonard

The song is originally sung by Madonna and was first released in 1986 as part of her 'True Blue' album. 'La Isla Bonita' can be translated from Spanish as 'The Beautiful Island', which features a groovy rhythm, Latin American styled timbre along with a distinct vintage 80's pop sound that is both fierce and lively
Spring Concert

'Tango Eight' by Jeremy Cohen

A dynamic piece of music for two violins that portrays vivid tango dancing
Spring Concert

'Danzas argentinas' by Alberto Ginastera

This is a set of dances for solo piano written in 1937 by one of the leading Latin American composers of the 20th century. It is especially enhanced by the poetry reading for the YCIS Spring Concert
Spring Concert

'Libertango' by Astor Piazzolla

This is one of the most loved pieces by the iconic composer Piazzolla. We end our Latino concert with a fitting tribute to him in this centenary year

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