YCIS Young Achievers

YCIS Young Achievers celebrates aspiring and passionate YCIS students who excel in different areas, ranging from academic, music, performing arts and sports.

YCIS Young Scientist Excelled in Hong Kong Physics Olympiad

Our Year 12 student Derun Li is awarded🥉third honours in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2020. He is thus qualified to participate in the Physics Enhancement Program for Gifted Students. 🥳 Bravo,...

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YCIS Primary Students Shined in Overseas Mathematics Competitions

Congratulations to our Years 2 to 6 mathematicians! For the Singaporean competition “Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad”, 🥇Chan Ching To from Year 4 and Larry Ren from Year 6 won the Gold...

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YCIS Secondary Mathematicians Awarded in Overseas Competition

Congratulations to our Year 7 and Year 9 mathematicians! In the autumn round of an overseas competition “Mathematics without Borders International Tournament”.

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Enthusiastic Violinist Sisters Awarded in Music Competitions

🎻 👭 Our young violinists Year 9 Viwin Huang and Year 7 Verna Huang won champions and runner-up in overseas music awards respectively. Viwin won the first prizes in The 4th (Taiwan) Asia Aegean...

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YCIS Students Won Prizes in the HK Students Open Speech Competition

Our Year 5 students Elizabeth Tsang and Zhang Han Wen were awarded in the 13th Hong Kong Students Open Speech Competition.

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YCIS Musicians Awarded First Prize in International Music Competition

Recently, our Year 8 students Bryan Tse and Charmaine Siu formed a Bass/ Cello duet for the 2020 International Music Competition "Grand Prize Virtuoso".

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YCIS students won the Championship in a Medical Research Competition

Congratulations to our Year 12 students Jasmine Chan, Ada Wong, Wong Nga Sze, Woo Tsz Ching and Hedley Yim!

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YCIS Young Dancer Awarded in Authoritative Dance Competitions

Our Year 8 student Isaac Liu is awarded in two authoritative dance competitions!

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Learn about Athletic Perseverance from YCIS Athletes of the Year

Our Year 11 student Allysha Rahman and Year 13 student Curtis Tong were awarded the Volleyball Most Improved Players of the Year while Year 8 student Roi Chan was awarded the Male Cross Country...

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