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Christmas Concert 2021

🎄The Christmas Concert 2021 is once again presented live on stage after two years. The concert will also be broadcast the following evening. Please join us for a festive feast of seasonal and well loved music, including choir, orchestra, ensembles, poetry, plus a traditional bible reading from Mr Steve Hackman. Students from both primary and secondary come together for this exciting gala celebration.

Enjoy the concert! 🎼🎵


Chamber Instrumental Programme (CIP) was created in 2019 as part of the school co-curriculum. It is an excellent opportunity to be involved in a vibrant musical atmosphere during school time and after school when applicable. The specially selected music tutors are of the highest international calibre. The programme offered to primary years 4-6 is now extended to secondary school.

The current classes offer fluteclarinetsaxophonetenor horn, viola, cello and double bass. These instruments are chosen to develop ensemble skills and broaden the range of instrumentation playing in our orchestras. 

Join our Information Sessions to learn more about our Music Programme. 

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