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IB Tips from YCIS Alumna

👩‍🎓Our graduate Catherine Lee shares her fruitful experience at YCIS and how she explored her aspirations there. Now a medicine student, she advises her YCIS fellows to know the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme well before taking it. Let’s listen to Catherine on some useful study tips!

At YCIS, our Secondary curriculum is based on the learning criteria and framework from the National Curriculum for England in Years 7-9, culminating in the IGCSE (Years 10-11) and the IB Diploma Programme (Years 12-13). We prepare students for success in the top universities and life in an ever-changing global environment. Attaining 100% university acceptance year on year, we are committed to providing holistic education and collaborative Learning Communities in a bilingual and multicultural learning environment. Check out our Information Sessions to learn more!

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