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YCIS Primary Students Shined in Overseas Mathematics Competitions

Congratulations to our Years 2 to 6 mathematicians! For the Singaporean competition “Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad”, 🥇Chan Ching To from Year 4 and Larry Ren from Year 6 won the Gold Award; 🥉Liang Hanlin and Chen Yuchen from Year 3, Thomas Dong from Year 4 and Mingyu Du from Year 6 are awarded the Bronze Award! In the Bulgarian competition “Mathematics without Borders International Tournament”, 🥈Yuchen Chen from Year 3 won the Silver Award and 🥉Alastair Tsang from Year 5 received the Bronze Award! 

Thumbs up to our students who participated, too👍! They include Gabrielle Chan, Kylie Chang, Annessa Hui, Darren Leung, Jonathan Ng, Ng Wan Hon, Torres Wong, Seth Tong, Marco Yeung.

In the “Mathematics without Borders International Tournament” competition, 18,700 students from 18 countries competed in the autumn round. All our students are selected to the second round. Well done, guys! We look forward to seeing you winning more awards!  The “Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad” is a regional mathematic competition with contestants from 15 countries.

YCIS Young Achievers Mathematics

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